"Gifted Wings"

Gifted Wings

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We Keep Your Loved Ones’ Comfort in Mind

Entrust your family member to the capable caregivers of Gifted Wings. Based in Mississippi, we offer non-medical personal aide assistance in the comfort of your own home. Our services are available to seniors, disabled individuals or those that are just recovering from a surgery. We service Jackson and the surrounding areas.

About Us

Our Beginnings 

Our founder has always had a passion for caring for others. Becoming a nurse was her ideal career. However, she felt that God “placed” her in a situation that allowed her to answer her calling. Thus, Gifted Wings was born.

Established 13 years ago, this business venture has brought her so much pleasure. It gave her an opportunity to take on responsibilities and volunteer in caring for those who needed help the most. Best of all, it allowed her to do what God has assigned to her.

Our Mission

We aim to employ our skills and Christ-like values in providing the best personal aide care for our clients.

Why Work With Us?

We will give your family member someone they can depend on and communicate with. Our company only works with those who share our mission so we are very selective as to the people we hire.

Through a comprehensive screening process, we are able to select individuals who are fit for the job. This way, we can ensure that we always deliver top-notch service.